Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Absolutely mega-crazy-nuts in love with Avatar. Haven't felt this way about a movie since I was a kid.

Here's Neytiri that I drew today.


_Paulina Ganucheau

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  1. Hi, I've already seen your drawing of Neytiri on deviantArt but.. well, I comment here, it's much nicer^^

    So, I really really like your way of drawing, your style etc. It's an interpretation, right, but a very good one ! Because, I think you respected what makes the character so wondeful (her characteristics, her behaviour...), with a little touch of innocence, so we're not indifferent to her charms ;) So... yeah, it's Neytiri who I see right now, right here^^ Good job !
    (Is it a pen tablet's drawing ?)

    PS : Avatar, the movie, made the same thing for me.
    PS2 : And, sorry for my english... I'm French :p

    Keep drawing !!